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Lovett Represents


The result for the last CC election is in! Congratulation to Katie Jensen for being elected as the Honor Council Rep, Marcela Interiano as the University Court Rep, Lizzie Garcia as the RPC Rep, and Midori Rinkliff and Alex Young as the New Student Reps!

Presenting the 2014-2015 CC


  • President: Meghan Davenport
  • External Vice President: Griffin Thomas
  • Internal Vice President: Mollie McDonnell
  • Chief Justice: Zack Timmons
  • SA Senator: Aishwarya Thakur
  • Secretaries: Daniel Imas and Shelby McPherson
  • Treasurer: Neel Ahuja and Laura Blumenschien
  • Academics: Alex Heath and Tova Wiess
  • Activities: Michael Armstrong, Darcy Curtis, Ellen Diemert
  • Associates: Maddie Flores, Brett Gutstein, Nick Thrope
  • Culturals: Celia Fiallos and Jay Yen
  • Member-at-Large: Bridget Schilling
  • Outreach: Kayla Hatchell and Anna McRobert
  • Properties: Beatrice Hermann, Colin Roberts, Sal Tijerina
  • Socials: Johnny Frolichstein, Katherine Gaffney, Misha Silva

The Central Committee page has been updated to reflect these changes.

RPC, New Student, and Honor Council Rep election is also incoming immediately spring break so keep your eyes out for that!

Upcoming CC Elections


Get ready to vote or run for positions in next year's Central Committees! Here are important dates you should keep in mind to get involved in determining who will be in the next CC.

  • January 22nd: CC Info Session Lunch (Learn about CC positions)
  • February 4th: Presidential Speeches
  • February 5th–6th: Presidential Election
  • February 11th: Big 4 (Chief Justice, IVP, EVP, Secs) Speeches
  • February 12th–13th: Big 4 Election
  • February 18th: CC Speeches
  • February 19th–20th: CC Election

All who are interested in running in any CC position must turn in their signed petitions to IVP Mollie McDonnell by 5 PM the day before their interested position's speech day and confirm the ballot at the CC at the speech day. (For example, you must turn in your petition by February 10th 5 PM if you want to run for IVP)

College Events

For room reservation and status, please refer to the Room Reservation page.
For cultural events, please refer to the Culture & Events page.


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April 8th, 2014
April 15th, 2014
April 22nd, 2014