Dr. Laura Richardson & Geoffrey Riddle

We can't wait to start our second year as your first-floor RAs! Laura is a postdoc with the Humanities Research Center.She earned her PhD from Rice's English department in 2015. Geoff is a lawyer with a small litigation practice, The Singhal Law Firm, downtown. He went to UT Austin and UH Law and is a Houston native. We both love playing and watching soccer (go Liverpool and Barcelona!) and are looking forward to organizing outings to see the Dash and Dynamo play, as well as the Rice women's soccer team. We're also big fans of board games—you may find us in the commons playing Killer Bunnies or Settlers of Catan. Join us! And Geoff is always down for a game of chess or pool. Lately, we've both been honing our ping pong prowess, so please pass on any pointers! We're also music buffs—Geoff loves listening to classical music and wants to plan some outings to the Houston Symphony (they have great student discounts). Laura is a harpist, plays the keys on and off in a rock band, and regularly brings the house down at karaoke. She's excited to meet some fellow karaoke-loving Lovetteers and is already planning the second annual Lovett vs.Sid Rich Karaoke Showdown. (See our trophy case for the spoils of last semester's victory.) Last November, we adopted a rescue dog, Cami (find Cami's bio at the end of the book). We're really looking forwarding to getting to know all of the new Lovetteers! Stop by our apartment on the first floor for tea/ coffee, to see Cami's tricks, to nab some stickers from Laura's ridiculous collection, or just for a chat. RRF!

Laura Richardson and Geoff Riddle, Lovett Resident Associates


Emerson Zora Hamsa & Dr. Janis Hamsa

Hello, Lovetteers!

We are super excited about being your newest Lovett Resident Associates!

Zora is a PhD student in the Department of English at Rice. She studies Late-19th through 20th Century American Literature and African-American Literature. Before coming to Rice, Zora worked as an English teacher at a high school in Northern Virginia. She also worked as a director of a family literacy program at an education nonprofit in Washington, D.C. Zora also studied religion and theology at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Zora loves to play chess, and she is a member of the Rice Chess Club. Zora loves the musicals Hamilton and The Color Purple! She is always ready for a sing-along! Zora also collects fountain pens.

Janis works as an optometrist for an eye and vison group in Houston. Janis was an independent optometrist in Maryland before joining the vision group here. Janis enjoys bike riding. Her favorite places for riding are Rice and Hermann Park. She enjoys gardening, and she maintained a massive vegetable garden plot at a community garden in Maryland before moving to Houston. Janis loves musicals! She also loves sports—especially during Playoffs Season! Her favorite sport is basketball. She is always ready for a game of pickup basketball, and she hopes you will join her at the Rice Athletic Center for a few games during the semester.

We both enjoy playing board games and card games (Uno, Spades Phase 10, Taboo, Scrabble, etc.). We love exploring the Houston food scene and cooking together at home! We are both fans of the television adventure shows "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race", and we hope that we get a chance to play one—or both—of them someday (after graduate school).

We love to travel! Zora once lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied at the Stockholm School of Theology. Janis has worked at three international optometric clinics in Thailand, China, and Peru. We have traveled (together and/ or separately) to London, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, and India. We have recently completed a trip to South Africa!

You are always welcome join us for games and movies—and tea and popcorn—at our apartment on the second floor! We will post the movie night/ game night invites on the Lovett Facebook page. Again, welcome to Lovett!!!

Zora Hamsa & Janis Nartia Hamsa, Lovett Resident Associates