José & Mayra Onuchic

Magisters are the head of any residential college. The Lovett Magisters José and Mayra Onuchic, live in a house attached to the commons. The Magisters have the final say in most things that go on around Lovett, although most decisions are reached by consensus between them and the student governance. They are there for you if you encounter any academic, disciplinary, family, or other personal issues during your time at Lovett.

José is the co-director for the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics and professor of physics and astronomy, chemistry, and biochemistry and cell biology. Mayra is the Program Administrator in the Brasil @ Rice program, working in Lovett Hall. She enjoys working to further Rice's goal of increased academic exchange with Brazil, and is passionate about helping new Rice students create strong academic and social experiences while they're on campus.

Their three sons are also settled here in town, and are also part of Houston's diverse academic community. Lucas studies at the University of St. Thomas, Diego is a teacher at Kincaid School, and Paulo is using his Berkeley degree to do post-baccalaureate research here at Rice.

As you can see, we are a truly international family who loves education and learning. We are avid travelers who love learning about different cultures and languages. Although we learned and excelled in English, of course our native language is Brazilian Portuguese, and we all speak Spanish as well. I also can get by with the French I picked up in graduate school. Mayra particularly enjoys the outdoors; especially after spending 22 years in San Diego. Our favorite hiking spot in Southern California is Torrey Pines State Reserve, and we are starting to explore the outdoors around Houston and the surrounding natural areas. I am often looking for a good debate about science, politics, sports and current events. We love lively conversation, and sometimes I get loud and animated, but it is just all in fun. We enjoy sports, movies, music and good food. Mayra enjoys cooking, and she often finds herself cooking for students, visitors, friends, family, and for school events. Her famous home baked pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) is already becoming a Lovett tradition! We truly feel that as Lovett College Magisters, we can share our love for learning, and passion for life. We can't wait for you to join us.

— José & Mayra Onuchic, Lovett Magisters