Dr. Chris Fagundes & Katie Fagundes

Faculty Resident Associates are members of the faculty who oversee the academic side of the college. They are involved in college courses taught by Lovetteers, and are resources to Lovett students as mentors with a faculty perspective.

Hi Lovetteers! We are very excited to start this new adventure as your Faculty Resident Associates! We are originally from California, where we met in college. As Chris completed his education, we lived in Utah and Ohio before coming down to Houston.

Chris is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, who researches Psychoneuroimmunology and Health Psychology. He teaches Stress and Health across the Lifespan and graduate courses in Health Psychology. His lab (called the BMED lab) is located at the Bioscience Research Collaborative. He especially enjoys mentoring students and postdocs. Katie has a MA in Education and has worked in nonprofits and as a classroom teacher. She currently teaches middle school English Language Arts and Reading. She likes working with students during these transitional years and particularly enjoys working with English Language Learners.

We have two daughters who are excited to make Lovett their new home. Maddie is an outgoing and chatty 7 year old. She loves Star Wars, art, animals, and being a big sister. She is looking forward to having a big backyard at Rice where she can further her study of rolly pollies. Juliette is a determined 1 year old who likes dogs, balls, blocks and eating new foods. She is just learning how to walk with assistance but has mastered waving and saying hi. We will also be bringing along our dog Buddy, who is very excited to make new friends. Buddy is a lively and slightly neurotic little dog. He is a Maltese mix and weighs about 9 lbs. He enjoys long walks, cool water, and any food he can find. He is looking forward to chasing squirrels around the Rice campus.

As a family we enjoy spending time at museums, parks, and the zoo. We also are interested in theater, dance, sports, and good food.

— Chris and Katie Fagundes, Lovett Faculty Resident Associates