Sharon O'Leary

The College Coordinator is the secret mastermind behind all things that go on at Lovett. If you don't know where to go or who to ask about something, chances are you should be asking our College Coordinator, Sharon. She is a wealth of information on Lovett past, present, and future: she's pretty much seen it all. She'll know all about you before you set foot at 6310 Main Street, but make sure you stop by her office on first floor to say hi. Things that can be found at Sharon's: copy and fax machine, mail and packages, stamps, hugs and CANDY.

My name is Sharon O'Leary and I am the Lovett College Coordinator. My office looks out over the Lovett Quad where I get to see students coming and going, playing volleyball, hanging out, and doing tricks on the trampoline. You will pass by my office on the way to anything important or fun, so stop in and get to know me. My office is a great place to start a conversation, ask a question, pick up mail and packages, mail a letter, borrow office supplies, staple papers, send a fax, copy something, get something notarized, make a cup of tea, or just eat candy. Please pay attention to my emails; I often have very important information that yu won't get anywhere else.

I might not always know everything, but I am a good resource for information and can guide you where you need to go for anything you might need at Lovett, Rice, and Houston

— Sharon O'Leary, Lovett College Coordinator

Phone: (713) 348-4964
Fax: (713) 348-5972