Each residential college has an Academic Fellows Society, an honorary service organization dedicated to academic life in the college. Fellows are upperclassmen who have:

  1. Proven academic achievement
  2. College citizenship
  3. Interest in the academic life of their College
  4. Willingness to help other students

As part of their charge, Fellows Societies provide academic assistance on a regular basis through advertised review sessions, "office hours" or requested individual meetings. Two major advantages of consulting a Fellow are:

  1. Convenience and proximity of source
  2. The familiarity of the Fellow with the specific course. Students should consult the list of Academic Fellows at their respective colleges.

Name Courses They Can Help With Email
Ashwin Varma* STAT, BIOC 301
Sydney Stocks* CHEM, Writing(FWIS/SPAN)
Meghana Gaur ECON 200
Mihir Limdi ECON 100, ECON 203
Minha Kim BIOC 301/302
Hannah Wei PSYC 101/202/203, Writing(FWIS/PSYC)
Sarah Lasater ECON 100, Spanish
Emily Klineberg POLI 212, POLI 395
Ariel Feldman NEUR/BIOC 385, COMP 140
Coleman Lambo ECON 100
Minh Le COMP 215, PHYS 101
Meghna Dara BIOC 201, Essays
Madison Miller PSYC 101, PSYC 203
Nikhil Chellam CHEM 211, CHEM 212, CHEM 301, CHEM 360
Mak Jankovsky COMP 140, COMP 182
Hannah Tyler POLI 211/212, Writing(HIST/ENGL/FWIS/GERM)
Owais Fazal MATH 101, MATH 102, CHEM 121
Julia Greenberg CAAM 201, CHEM 121/122
Alex Hawley CAAM 210, CHEM 121/122
Stephanie Xie PHIL 101, PHIL 103, PSYCH 203
Aadith Vittala PHYS 101/102, MATH 211/212, CHEM 211/212
*Head Academic Fellow