Each residential college has an Academic Fellows or Mentors Society, an honorary service organization dedicated to academic life in the college. Fellows or Mentors are upperclassmen who have:

  1. Proven academic achievement
  2. College citizenship
  3. Interest in the academic life of their College
  4. Willingness to help other students

As part of their charge, Fellows and Mentors Societies provide academic assistance on a regular basis through advertised review sessions, "office hours" or requested individual meetings. Two major advantages of consulting a Fellow or Mentor are:

  1. Convenience and proximity of source
  2. The familiarity of the Fellow or Mentor with the specific course. Students should consult the list of Academic Fellows and Mentors at their respective colleges.

Name Major(s) Email
Kevin Chang* Cognitive Sciences; Evolutionary Biology and Ecology
Nikhil Chellam Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; History
Tessa Fries English; Philosophy; Politics, Law, and Social Thought
Tess Gabert Cognitive Sciences
Alex Gardner Computational and Applied Mathematics; Mathematics
Meghana Gaur Mathematical Economic Analysis
Lawrence Harari Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mak Jankovsky Computer Science; Statistics
Nicky Joseph Chemistry
Lucy Lai* Cognitive Sciences; Neuroscience; Statistics
Xinpei "Cindy" Liu Computer Science; Cognitive Sciences
Jeffrey Michel Mechanical Engineering; German Studies
Charles "Alex" Morton Mathematical Economic Analysis; Political Science
Vi Nguyen Computer Science
Sydney Stocks Chemistry; Health Science
Hannah Tyler VADA (Theatre); History
Ashwin Varma* Computer Science; Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Nickolas Walling Mechanical Engineering; Computational and Applied Mathematics
Andrew Yuwen Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
*Head Academic Fellow