Every year, Central Committee (CC) members set goals that they want to accomplish for Lovett while they hold their respective positions.

Listed below are the goals that all of the CC members set for 2018-2019.

Central Committee Goals

Position Position Holders Goals
President Akin Bruce
  • Make the average time for CC 50 minutes
  • Send questions to the M@L by Thursday
  • Create a CC poster for The Commons
  • Get people involved early, and encourage people to run for positions they would be GREAT at!
Internal Vice President Rose Kantorczyk
  • Increase involvement among Lovetteers who are non-elected CC members
  • Getting Action Committees active and thriving
  • Monthly or bi-monthly meetings with each appointed committee to hold them accountable
  • Maintain accessibility and top-tier clarity in communication with the college
External Vice President Carolina Hatanpaa
  • Put my best foot forward to be the best EVP
Chief Justice Zach Anderson
  • Improve culture on 2nd floor in terms of safety
  • Make sure that Lovett is a healthy drinking environment for the New Students
  • Improve communication between the A-Team and the people of Lovett
Treasurers Max Murdoch
Michael Young
  • Assess all financial assets
  • Clarify spending proceses
  • Restructure the endowment
  • Improved communicataion with other colleges (buying things together for public goods)
  • Articulate short and long-term financial goals
Secretaries Julia Greenberg
Alessi Armengol
  • Effectively communicate the minutes from CC meetings to Lovetteers
  • Dig deep
Activities Stephanie Yang
Sydney Stocks
Tanvi Jadhav
  • Hold 1 small event each month
  • Hold 1 large event each month
  • Ask activities feedback question on the M@L survey at the end of each month
  • Broadcast activities in advance through email, facebook, and the activities calendar
  • Buy various types of food and alcohol (only for students 21+) for all students
Culturals Claire Boschert
Minh Le
  • A food event at least once a month (restaurant outings or food workshops)
  • Weekly emails
  • Subsidize events on a case by case basis ($1 for $5 events, $2 for $7-$10 events)
  • Bring back Musicale
  • At least one subsidized trip each semester to a large Houston arts performance (the symphony, opera, ballet etc.)
  • Help create a diversity committee (including hostiing a talk every two months and planning a Lovett Ally training)
New Student Representatives Zack Murphy
Randy Liu
  • Plan a capture the flag game
  • Manage the remaining money
Members-at-Large Jayson Taylor
Victor Nguyen
  • Establish a weekly time to do surveys and deadlines for receiving information from CC committees
  • Share the spreadsheet with those who are asking for it
  • Have a section with serious questions on each survey, shortening funny section if necessary
  • Establish M@L office hours and/or mailbox
Properties Mak Jankovsky
Stephanie Xie
Leslie An
  • Fixing trampoline by the beginning of next semester
  • Replace the volleyball sand (depending on freshmen service hours)
  • Implement a check system by the end of our term in office
  • Will keep people more accountable for damage
  • Create a system/form for people to request small items (like dry erase markers)
Social(s) Bailey Douglas
  • Create events for Lovett that are fun, inclusive, and memorable (Changeover, EOL Day, Publics, Holiday Party, Mr. Lovett)
  • Put thought and effort into planning my events with enough time in advance so that no event is thrown together hastily
  • Revamp the current state of Lovett publics, while gauging the opinion of Lovett College along the way
  • Work diligently to market/publicize/advertise events in advance so that our community knows when the events are going on
  • Being intentional with my votes during CC, and asking questions of CC/Lovett on deciding how to vote
Associates Chloe Oani
Mira Dani
Divya Choudhury
  • Start sending mini-bios of the Associates before each Associates Night
  • Send an email every other week featuring an Associate
  • Update the Associates poster, potentially including bios and contact information
  • Continue the LAB Program
  • Host an Associates Networking Fair
  • Include Associates in more Lovett events (Guac off, Fun Friday, etc.)
Outreach Matthew Barclay
Nimisha Krishnaswamy
  • Create Lovett Outreach facebook account and post events onto the Lovett College page
  • Send weekly emails with opportunities
  • Create “Outreach Days” for each semester where everyone is encouraged to work on certain projects or with partnered groups
  • Send out a survey to find out what are the main barriers to volunteer work right now and try to solve the solvable problems (rides, coordination, etc.)
Off-Campus Representatives Maya Iyer
Lucy Lai
  • Provide as much free food to off-campus students as possible

Campus Representative Goals

Position Position Holder Goals
Honor Council Sree Yeluri
  • Increase transparency regarding what Honor Council does
  • Explain my job/responsibilities to everyone
  • What is the process of getting accused of an academic violation?
  • Future changes to Honor Council: Consensus Penalty Structure (too lenient)
  • Allow people to discuss their thoughts regarding the severity of punishments
  • Collect feedback for events
  • Generally speak about common honor code violations and how to avoid them
Rice Program Council (RPC) Christina Lee
  • For every event/giveaway, post in emails and in Facebook page
  • Email at least once a week (if there is a minimum of three events) on Sunday
  • Facebook post one day prior/the day of the actual event
  • Publicize the importance of joining the RPC listserv and opportunities to apply to join RPC
  • Include opportunities for Lovetteers to express ideas on events they’d like to see, didn’t personally like, etc. (Hosting campus-wide Assassins, part 2)
SMR Matthew Brewer
  • Efficiently help students when needed
Student Association (SA) Senator Elan Friedland
  • Send regular Senator’s Updates that update the college on what is happening in the Student Association
  • Work on various Senate projects representing Lovett, including working to provide after hours food options
  • Work to boost security by developing a suspicious person reporting system and comprehensively teaching this to the incoming freshmen
  • Hold regular weekly office hours
  • Adequately measure Lovett’s opinions on SA projects and legislation and appropriately representing the views of the college when casting votes (if Lovett is split on a piece of legislation, then the President and I would vote in opposite fashion)
  • Increase efficiency of the SA Senator section during CC by capping time spent and addressing further details, questions, and comments in office hours or outside meetings
U-Court Laura Yordan
  • We have lots of transparency involving alcohol, but increase drug transparency and awareness, also increase transparency about sexual assault (has been a problem sometimes and let them know the process)
  • Make sure people know what U-Court is and how it can affect them, what a violation is
  • Make sure people know the difference between U-Court, SJP, and Honor Council
  • Keep college updated whenever U-Court has updates or issues to vote on, keep college involved in U-Court-court
  • Use Facebook as well as emails to communicate; not everyone checks emails, so make Facebook posts and emails as colorful as possible
IT Ambassador Matthew Mutammara
  • Efficiently help students resolve their computer and printer needs while preventing Loveteers from Russian hackers